Summer Camp 2011

Another successful Bainbridge Island summer camp was completed last week.  Without sun for the first few days we made ice cream  instead. It was a new addition to the camp this year.  We tried 2 methods, the ice cream ball and the coffee can method.  The coffee can worked just as well as the fancy ball method. Then there was enough sun for a solar oven for the last 3 days.
Also new to the camp this year was the glass jar painting activity, which the kids seemed to like.
Compost was brought in to explain how to reduce the amount of garbage filling up our landfills.  Surprisingly kids love worms!  The kids also loved the critters I brought in from the low tide, and I would like to report that the critters were all returned to Puget Sound after the class.
Our mural this year was aimed at raising awareness about leaking septic tanks.  Here is a recent article about how leaking septics affects our region, if you are curious:
The mural says “If your septic tank leaks, our fish turn into freaks!”  Actually leaking septics have been accused of many fish kills, not necessarily deformities.
However the kids just loved this rhyme and wouldn’t take “no” for an answer.  But if I get trouble over politically correctiveness, I can paint over it and change it to:
“If your septic tank leaks, then our water really reeks!”  which is actually more literally correct.
Please let us know how your kids have made a difference since the class. Any behavior changes? The theme of the camp was about how they can make a difference in preventing pollution.

One Response to “Summer Camp 2011”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    Both my boys went to your Pollution Solution summer camp and had an absolute ball. It was full of so much information the boys could understand (and teach!). Each day they came home very inspired and are still very aware of their environment. And, my older son, who is 8, told me he wants to do this kind of work when he grows up. I think this is the sort of thing that ought to be taught in the schools. Great job and thank you for doing this, Stephanie

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