Sustainability Camp 2012

We had a great time learning how to save electricity and why it is important to our planet.  We used a water conservation model to see how the water that comes from our faucets on Bainbridge Island is “secretly” connected under the ground to local lakes and streams.  We also learned that we need to conserve water to protect our local Salmon and Orca whale populations.  The kids used the landscape model with tiny bits of plastic bag and pollution to simulate what happens to pollution when it rains and the wind blows. We spent a bit of time making all sorts of critters for the 4th of July Parade!  We did the pollution prevention track activity, made environmental slogan t-shirts, and shopping bags from re-purposed t-shirts. The kids had a blast searching for the endangered species in the treasure hunt and finally we started another mural!  Of course all of this was mixed with a fabulous beach walk and a stream and pond creature analysis!

Some Aquatic Animals Made for the Enviro-Float!


Finding Spider Crabs at the Beach!


Finding Sand Dollars on the Beach Walk!




One Response to “Sustainability Camp 2012”

  1. Camp Mom Says:

    This has been a step up and lots of the old stuff all rolled into one. Rose Defawe has been providing a Pollution Solutions Camp for three summers now and my kids have not grown tired of it yet. This is what summer camp should be like, there are crafts, there is foraging through the woods, there is a lot of getting messy, but most of all your kids come home tired and yet they find enough energy to tell you something they learned that day with excitement. “Did you know that California Pizza is really made in Illinois? So they ship it across the country!” “ We found Salmon berries in the woods they were sour.” The kids make their own snacks with their own power, or by harnessing the sun with solar ovens they create. There is something during the day for every kid, but they all seem to enjoy all the activities with vigor. My children take lots of different camps, but they are asking if they can take this one again.

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