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Summer Camps 2014

March 15, 2016


bottle art



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IMG_20140714_130601_815 photoshop



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Summer Camps 2015

March 15, 2016

Enviro-Float 2012

July 6, 2012

For the 4th of July Parade this year we made an Environmental Float.  The float was meant to be creative and entertaining, but also give people messages about how to be environmentally Friendly.  We had a few messages on our murals to reach out to the community.

Aquatic Creatures on the Float Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles

Mural from 2011 Summer Camp was on the Float, “If your Septic Tank Leaks, Our Water Really Reeks!”

Kids Getting Ready to Ride the Float! “If You Want Our Lakes to Succeed, Don’t Put Chemicals on our Weeds!”



Sustainability Camp 2012

July 6, 2012

We had a great time learning how to save electricity and why it is important to our planet.  We used a water conservation model to see how the water that comes from our faucets on Bainbridge Island is “secretly” connected under the ground to local lakes and streams.  We also learned that we need to conserve water to protect our local Salmon and Orca whale populations.  The kids used the landscape model with tiny bits of plastic bag and pollution to simulate what happens to pollution when it rains and the wind blows. We spent a bit of time making all sorts of critters for the 4th of July Parade!  We did the pollution prevention track activity, made environmental slogan t-shirts, and shopping bags from re-purposed t-shirts. The kids had a blast searching for the endangered species in the treasure hunt and finally we started another mural!  Of course all of this was mixed with a fabulous beach walk and a stream and pond creature analysis!

Some Aquatic Animals Made for the Enviro-Float!


Finding Spider Crabs at the Beach!


Finding Sand Dollars on the Beach Walk!



Summer Camp 2012

February 25, 2012

The Earthright Insight Summer Camp is going to be a lot of fun once again!  This is the 3rd summer running of this sustainability based day-camp.  The camp was previously named Pollution Solution with the Bainbridge Island Parks and Recreation.  A few photos are posted below illustrating some of the activities during the camp.  The students are outside rain or shine and need to come dressed for the weather and with footwear appropriate for trail walking.

Students use the landscape model here to put pollution on the landscape and then use spray bottles to simulate rain and watch the pollution move into local surface water.

The glass jar painting activity demonstrates to students how they can sometimes use items from their recycle bin to make something we need.  There are countless recycled crafts in the camp.  Students learn throughout the camp how natural resources are extracted from the earth to make new products and how that causes various types of pollution.  Sustainability discussions include learning how to reduce our footprint and using natural resources at a pace in which they can be replenished.

Using the water conservation model, the students learn how the groundwater is connected to lakes and streams.  They learn that we share our water with local aquatic life and subsequently using too much water could harm certain species.  Students learn how they can save water at home.

Students go on nature walks throughout the one week day-camp.  On Fridays, the class will meet in Battlepoint Park, where students will find beach and pond critters.  Instructors will identify critters and explain their importance in the food web.

Students paint murals to put on public display in the community that educate others about environmental protection.  Rhyming slogans are created and students create beautiful artwork!  Murals focus on teaching others to save energy and prevent water pollution.

The nature walks include visiting this local salmon stream where students find  strange-looking insects that salmon eat.   The life cycle of salmon is explained in addition to the link to Orca whales.  Discussions prevail pertaining to actions we take at home and how they are related to the  protection of salmon.

Students get good exercise walking trails looking for baby trees to find and save.  The students place the tree sapling in a planter to protect and let grow big so that it can eat up extra carbon dioxide we create by burning fossil fuels.

Students design their own island using modeling clay.  The model is taken home so that they can demonstrate to their family how pollution moves across the landscape in to local surface water and how it affects aquatic life.

The Endangered Species Treasure Hunt teaches students what it means to be an endangered or threatened species.  Students learn about many different endangered species and what they can do about protecting them!

There are many more fun activities that are not pictured, but now you  may have an idea of what this day-camp entails!

Classes are limited, and could be cancelled if enrollment is too low, so don’t wait!

Please start the registration process today at  All you need to do is click on the week you are interested in the camp.  No financial commitments are needed until the week of the camp.   The survey entails brief information from you so that we can send you registration materials.

A Home for our Murals

January 14, 2012

Crosspoint Acadamy was one of the participating schools at the Kitsap Water Festival in the spring.  The students who helped paint the murals came to watch the installation and pose for photos.  Some of the kids remembered what they had painted and they had fond memories of the festival.

Summer Camp 2011

September 18, 2011
Another successful Bainbridge Island summer camp was completed last week.  Without sun for the first few days we made ice cream  instead. It was a new addition to the camp this year.  We tried 2 methods, the ice cream ball and the coffee can method.  The coffee can worked just as well as the fancy ball method. Then there was enough sun for a solar oven for the last 3 days.
Also new to the camp this year was the glass jar painting activity, which the kids seemed to like.
Compost was brought in to explain how to reduce the amount of garbage filling up our landfills.  Surprisingly kids love worms!  The kids also loved the critters I brought in from the low tide, and I would like to report that the critters were all returned to Puget Sound after the class.
Our mural this year was aimed at raising awareness about leaking septic tanks.  Here is a recent article about how leaking septics affects our region, if you are curious:
The mural says “If your septic tank leaks, our fish turn into freaks!”  Actually leaking septics have been accused of many fish kills, not necessarily deformities.
However the kids just loved this rhyme and wouldn’t take “no” for an answer.  But if I get trouble over politically correctiveness, I can paint over it and change it to:
“If your septic tank leaks, then our water really reeks!”  which is actually more literally correct.
Please let us know how your kids have made a difference since the class. Any behavior changes? The theme of the camp was about how they can make a difference in preventing pollution.